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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Proposal

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"The entire journey had been made in 260 flying hours, or the equivalent of eleven flying days. During this time we had flown through fog, rain, snow and darkness, as well as in clear weather. We had seen each of the forty-eight states, and had peeped across the borders into our neighboring countries on the north and on the south. We had flown along the coasts of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, and had gazed down upon the sunny Gulf of Mexico. Best of all, we had seen the wonderlands of America, and had viewed them from the vantage point of the birds, free to drop down for a longer glimpse of some unusually beautiful spot if so desired."

— Donald Keyhoe an excerpt from "Flying with Lindbergh" reflecting on the completion of the Goodwill Tour of 1927

To help celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Wright Brothers historic first powered flight of 1903, 3 college students from Greensboro, North Carolina, would like to recreate the Charles Lindbergh transcontinental "Goodwill Tour" of 1927, across 48 states and 80 cities (View Map). In order to be able to perform this feat, we are seeking funding and support from the community.

We will notify in advance all news agencies in the area of each city, to maximize public exposure all over the country while promoting our goal. The purpose of the original tour was to stimulate interest in aviation and demonstrate the safety and punctuality of professional flying. As its goal, The Remembrance Goodwill Tour is again attempting to stimulate interest in aviation and create awareness of the centennial anniversary of first flight. In addition to our main objective, our sponsor(s) will have visibility all over the country with newspaper and television attention at every destination along the tour.

There has been an overwhelming interest in the media. To date, either a local newspaper or news affiliate in over 30 cities along the route, have expressed an enthusiastic interest in covering the tour when we arrive their city (See Media Research Download below).

For the 2003 Remembrance Goodwill Tour to have maximum exposure beyond the media coverage, additional measures are in progress. Who We Are

Our group consists of college students, ages 18 and up, who attend Guilford Technical Community College. Each member of the group has aspirations of becoming a professional pilot or involved with the aviation industry as a career. All students flying on the tour will have a private pilot rating minimum, and pilot-in-command will have an instrument-rating minimum.

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