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Charles Lindbergh Lesson Plans

Submit New "Lindbergh Related" Lesson Plans

This page contains unique lesson plans which have been submitted to the web site. This site is always interested in expanding the listing and ask you to submit "Lindbergh Related" lesson plans, activities, or curriculum units which you think would be useful to others. Contributions from individuals are essential to this lsiting; it is how it grows! If you have a Lindbergh related lesson plan you would like to share with other educators, please send it to us at .

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Missouri Historical Society

Teaching Themes/ Teaching Suggestions: Lindbergh Produced by the Missouri Historical Society.

Teaching Themes/Teaching Suggestions PDF file, 10 pages.

PDF Download

Lindbergh Flies Again, the story of Lindbergh's historic flight and his grandson Erik's 2002 tribute, provides an ideal platform for interdisciplinary teaching in social studies and science classes. The following online resources were compiled to help you to develop your lesson plans and to help your students to research the history and future of flight.

More information can be located at:

Lindbergh Flies Again Lesson Plan. 3 page PDF file including Teachers Guide.

PDF Download

Minnesota/DOT Aviation Education

The Minnesota/DOT Aviation Education publishes several books that have stories, activities, science experiments, and aviation information. All books are free, and you can get them through the mail or by visiting us at many of the events listed under Student and Youth Events. You can also download some of our books.

24 page PDF document of printable connect-the-dot aircraft and aircraft descriptions sheets. Page 3 is the Spirit of St. Louis. Great for K-4 classrooms stuying aviation!

PDF Download

AGS Publishing Test Prep

Use AGS Publishing test preparation materials to ensure your students are ready for the important standardized tests they have to take this year. Whether your classroom requirements call for traditional, paper-based materials or test preparation software, look to AGS Publishing for the resources to meet your

More information about AGS Publishing products can be located at:

The following sample "Lindbergh & Lady Lindbergh POSTTEST" PDF file is a sample from an AGS Publishing test preparation student book.

PDF Download