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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Maximum exposure beyond the media coverage
Patrick T. Ranfranz
Patrick T. Ranfranz, Owner/Developer web site

The owner and developer of, Patrick Ranfranz, will donate his services to aid in developing and maintaining a web site for the 2003 Remembrance Goodwill Tour. He will design a visually appealing and easy to navigate web page, with the capabilities for the crew to submit daily reflections of the days events.

Permanent record of our events will be documented

For the 2003 Remembrance Goodwill Tour to have maximum exposure beyond the media coverage, additional measures are in progress. Since the Tour will only last for 7 to 8 weeks, a permanent record of our events will be documented for the possibility for a cable network to utilize.

Potentially use our footage of the Tour

The Discovery Channel, The Wings Channel (an aviation based network), The Learning Channel, and the National Geographic Channel are all being contacted to potentially use our footage of the Tour. We propose to videotape all aspects of our venture, including takeoff and landings, our visits to major museums, and the pilots view inside the aircraft. To document all phases of our daily routine, certain video clips can be uploaded to our website and can be stored for any of the above networks to use for a 30 minute or hour long documentary of the Tour. These cable networks are currently being approached for the use of their equipment, and in return, having exclusive rights to all footage of the Tour.

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