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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Cost

The Cost

During the original tour, two planes covered the continental United States over a three-month period, with just over 260 hours of flight time. An advance plane was used for preparing the airport and news media of Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis. The crew plans to take a team of 3 pilots, covering the same route in 7 to 8 weeks, and flying the distance in 170 hours in one plane (View Tentative Schedule).

Plane (1 C-182 at FBO retail) $27,200 (170 hours x $160 per hour)
Lodging (1 double bed room) $ 5,002 (56 days x $89.31)
Food (3 x 3 meals x 56 days) $ 4,200 ((3 x $25) meals x 56 days)
Miscellaneous $ 3,270
Estimated Total $39,672

Plane Costs

A price of $160.00 per hour was obtained by comparing various (30) rental rates of various models (3) of the Cessna 182 from different FBO are located throughout the country. The $160.00 figure is for a Cessna aircraft, between 2000 and 2002 year models, equipped with state of the art avionics. Avionics included are a Global Positioning System (GPS system); weather storm scope, live weather updates, and advanced flight instruments (moving card ADF, HSI, etc…).

The 170 hour figure is the estimated time used in figuring the final cost. This includes the minimum time required to fly from city to city, to fly the aircraft from its home base to Long Island and then return the plane, sightseeing (i.e. Grand Canyon), and any diversions due to weather or holding.

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Hotel Costs

All hotel information was obtained from Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and Holiday Inn Select were the hotels of choice, however a minimum of five hotels have been located in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Each city planned as a stop over has an estimate of the rates expected at the time of stay, and an overall estimate of the average cost of the rooms is used to compute the hotel budget. Holiday Inn information has been gathered for each city, including phone numbers, addresses, and amenities that each hotel offers.

Total Average Cost of 78 cities = $ 6,966.54

  • $ 6,966.54 / 78 cities = $ 89.31 (Average Hotel City Rate)
  • 56 Days x $89.31 = $5,002.00 (Total Estimated Cost)
Download the Hotel Spreadsheet in a PDF file format:

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Miscellaneous Costs

100 Hour Inspection:

After every 100 hours of flying time logged on the Hobb's meter in the aircraft, an inspection of the aircraft is due. The cost varies depending on where the inspection is done. Since the aircraft is going to be flown constantly, it is possible that the inspection may be waived.


Supplemental Oxygen:

Flight at higher altitudes requires oxygen for the pilots. While flying in the terrain of the Rocky Mountains, it may be necessary to use oxygen to comply with Federal Aviation Regulation.


Cell Phone Plan:

Communication between the crew of the tour and the destinations along the route is vital to ensure plans are kept and the schedules are to some extent followed. One cell phone is required to keep track of reservations, keep in touch with FBO's, update and maintain all contacts with various media groups, and to obtain weather briefings from the FSS. In order to have no restrictions on phone calls, an unlimited three month plan would be contracted through an already existing contract with a crew member.

    $300 with Sprint

Approach Plates, En Route Charts, AFD's, and Sectionals:

Each item listed is required for navigation on cross-country routes. The items listed are important for safe, quick, and efficient flights, especially in instrument conditions or elevated terrain.


Total Miscellaneous Costs: $3270

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