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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Tentative Schedule

Values expressed on the spreadsheet are approximate. Schedule is tentative, and can be changed by weather. Flight times are calculated using 100 knot ground speed on shorter legs, and 120 knot ground speed for longer distances. Ground speeds were reduced to compensate for climb out, descent, and any pattern flying included in the leg. Time added to the flight time totals reflect ground maneuvers and run-up, which will be included on the Hobb's meter of the aircraft.

Mileage expressed in nautical miles. All figures obtained using straight-line distances. Mileage figure is a minimum, and actual mileage flown will be greater. Increases in mileage will be during VOR tracking, ATC vectors, and any stops made outside of the intended course route (i.e. weather, museums, etc.).

Any media contacts within the destinations, especially with agencies interested in interviewing, will add time on to the total time spent traveling. Museum stops, breaks, and any travel within cities not intended to be a lay-over will also increase time spent traveling.

Download the Schedule Spreadsheet in a PDF file format:


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