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Board to Meet Soon on Prize to Lindbergh

May 22, 1927

Arrangements for the payment of Raymond Orteig's $25,000 prize to Charles A. Lindbergh will be made soon at a meeting of the trustees designated by the donor, it was learned yesterday.

Certification of the first non-stop flight between Paris and New York will be made by the Federation Internationale Aeronautical Association.

"I am delighted to hear of Captain Lindbergh's triumph," Raymond Orteig Jr., son of the donor, said last night. "The fact that he accomplished this feat all alone adds to his glory."

Mr. Orteig, who is one of the trustees of the prize offered by his father, said that the elder Orteig was at Louvie-Juzon, France on the Spanish border, when Lindbergh took off Friday. He cabled the news at once and assumed his father left for Paris to congratulate Lindbergh. He had no word from his father last night.

The prize money is on deposit at Bryant Park Bank, Forty-second Street branch, in the name of the trustees, who are: President, Major Gen. James G. Harbord; Vice Chairman, George W. Burleigh; Treasurer, Colonel Franklin Q. Brown, President of the Army and Navy club: French Consul General Max Mongendre, Colonel Walter Scott and Lucien Jouvaud and Raymond Orteig Jr., Secretary.

Mr. Orteig, owner of the Brevoort and Lafayette Hotels, was born in France and has lived in the United States since 1882.

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