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Jury Courageous, Wilentz Declares

February 14, 1935 From a Staff Correspondent

Flemington, N.J., Feb. 13.--Attorney General David T. Wilentz, commenting tonight upon the Hauptmann verdict, thanked all those associated with the prosecution, and paid special tribute to the jury.

"The tremendous responsibility imposed upon the Hunterdon County jury was shouldered without flinching," he said. "The nation is indebted to these courageous men and women.

"The proper presentation of the case was due in the main to the work of the New Jersey State police. District Attorney Samuel J. Foley of the Bronx and his assistants labored unceasingly and to them I extend my deep thanks, as well as to Inspectors Henry Bruckman, John J. Lyons, the members of the New York police and the agents of the Federal Government."

Mr. Wilentz added that it had been his unwelcome duty to prosecute the case and said that he hoped society would be served by his efforts and those of his associates.

Former Judge George K. Large of Flemington, special counsel to the State, said, "The verdict was fully justified by the evidence."

"Truth Will Prevail"

Assistant Attorney General Robert Peacock said:

"The verdict proves again that truth will prevail. All during the time I was preparing the case at the request of the Attorney General I felt that the simple truth presented in terms the jury could understand would adequately serve the ends of justice.

"The verdict is the answer to the prayers of the mothers of this nation that those who harm their children shall be punished and that men of the accomplishments of Colonel Lindbergh shall be able to maintain homes in the quiet assurance that their families in the hour of their absence shall be protected by the arm of the law."

Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf said:

"I feel that the verdict is in accordance with the evidence and that the ends of justice have been served. The people of Hunterdon County have thoroughly justified the confidence we have in them.

"The presentation of the case by the Attorney General was not only masterful and resourceful but inspired, and the preparation was unquestionably the most thorough and competent that I have ever heard of.

"I have said that this case is a triumph for coordinated and cooperative police work and full credit should go to the New York City police and to the Federal agencies for their unfailing and comprehensive cooperation."

Colonel Schwarzkopf paid special tribute to members of his own staff, mentioning by name Captain John J. Lamb and Lieutenant Arthur T. Keaten.

"I hope that this verdict will act as a crime preventive throughout the nation and that the security and sanctity of the American home may be materially enhanced," he added.

Reilly Announces Appeal

Edward J. Reilly, chief defense counsel, declared that an appeal from the verdict would be made to the Court of Errors and Appeals.

"Although the jury has rendered a verdict on the facts we still believe a great many errors of law were committed which will ultimately mean the reversal of this judgment," he said.

Egbert Rosecrans and C. Lloyd Fisher, two of his associates, nodded their heads in agreement.

Although he had no formal statement, Mr. Fisher, who has been closer to Hauptmann and his wife, since the trial started, than any of the other defense lawyers, turned to watch the jury go out.

"This is a cry for blood," he said, half to himself. "It is the clamor of the crowd on no matter whom."

Anthony M. Hauck Jr., Hunterdon County prosecutor, who had been ill during the day, went to his home in Clinton, twelve miles away, where he was informed of the verdict over the telephone. Justice Trenchard called him back to sign a body warrant for the transfer of Hauptmann to the State prison at Trenton. Mr. Hauck signed the warrant and turned it over to the sheriff for execution.

"I think the sentence was fair and that the ends of justice were served," Mr. Hauck said. "The jury should be congratulated on their judgment and fairness."

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