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Kidnapping Arouses Sympathy Of Nation

March 3, 1932

The entire nation extended its sympathy to Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh yesterday. From President Hoover down , all were awaiting anxiously the latest news of the kidnapped child. They talked about it in the streets, in homes and in their offices. Many formal prayers were offered, and many more informal ones voiced the hope that the boy would be returned safely to his home. In Europe, also, where lengthy accounts of the kidnapping were published, widespread sympathy was expressed.

The city's municipal radio station held a service in the afternoon. Clergymen of three denominations participated, praying for the safe and speedy return of the child. Resolutions of sympathy were adopted by the Legislatures of several States. In Mexico City, President Ortiz Rubio expressed the regret of his country.

Prayers of Clergymen on Radio

Speaking at the radio service, Mgr. William E. Cashin of St. Andrew's Church said:

"In the name of his Eminence Patrick Cardinal Hayes and the clergy of the New York Archdiocese, and in the name of all the faithful, we extend to the beloved parents our heartfelt sympathy and our earnest prayer that God will comfort them and in His mercy restore to them the child that has been taken from them.

"Send forth Thy holy angels to protect the child and to restore it safely and promptly to the sorrowing parents, as Thou didst restore the youthful Tobias to his parents. Be merciful also to the perpetrators of this vile deed, graciously and kindly bring them to a sense of honor and shame for the unnatural and outrageous sin they have committed and aid them in repairing the evil by promptly restoring the child to its natural guardians, and bring them to true repentance."

The Rev. Joseph P. McComas, vicar of St. Paul's Chapel, Trinity Parish, saying that "only to God can we turn in such calamity and catastrophe," prayed:

"Almighty God, Lord of Heaven and earth and air, who didst guide the lone eagle in his flight that he might be an ambassador of good-will between the peoples, now for him and for her, his wife, and for all of us who love and admire them, and who love justice and righteousness, we turn to thee, O God, that Thou wilt grant the expeditious usefulness of all Thy helpful forces and administering angels may watch over them who seek to find out and restore this child to his parents."

Rabbi Samuel J. Levinson of Temple Beth Emeth, Flatbush, said:

"To those who have placed this nation in such sorrow, if they are listening in they must know into what grief this nation has been thrown, and we ask that wisdom and judgment enter into their hearts and minds, that they awaken their consciences to a realization of what significance this moment is to a people waiting for a message from them, that they bring back this little one to the Colonel and his beloved mate, that they rejoice again and in their rejoicing a nation be glad and rejoice."

Sorrow at Flying Fields

At the aviation fields about the city, Colonel Lindbergh's associates of the air all expressed their deepest sympathy. Lieut. Col. John E. Howard, the commanding officer at Mitchel Field, said he hoped "the baby would be home soon." George W. Orr, president of Roosevelt Field, expressed the sympathy of himself and the 300 men of the field. Paul Burwell of the Aviation Country Club, of which the Lindberghs are members, spoke of the "shock of the happening."

The Legislatures of Virginia and South Carolina expressed sympathy, the latter hoping for "the speedy recovery of your son" and that "the kidnapper will be punished." In Oklahoma City the scheduled proceedings of the General Missionary Council of the Methodist Episcopal Church South were suspended while more than 400 persons, including seven Bishops, prayed for the safety of the baby.

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