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My Mother, Laura Thelma Strong McClain Florey once flew with Lindbergh

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My Mother, Laura Thelma Strong McClain Florey once flew with Lnidbergh while he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a fee of $5.00. This had to be before his historic flight, and while he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska in his early flying years. Now, since about 2000 there is a plaque at 20th & High Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, as a memorial to Lindbergh on the corner of where the flying field where he learned to fly, which plaque is directly across the street from where my Mother lived in her later years! The plaque is on the southwest corner and she lived on the northwest corner. I attended the ceremony regarding the plaque, which is in the Woodsshire Subdivision where I also live. Today, my wife and I visited the Strategic Air Command Museum for the last day of the Lindbergh exhibit there. I think someone should recheck the information they have there because I didn't see it mention that Lindbergh eventually re-entered the military and was appointed a brigadier general by President Eisenhower! It did have a lot about America First and said that Roosevelt would not allow him to resume his military career when the U.S. entered WWII. It did say how he helped Ford build bombers, etc., and it mentioned Dr. Carrel and him working together for the heart pump, which probably helped save my life. It also showed a picture of him hugging a tree.


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