"My aunt Ruth Narvik a Norwegian immigrant answered an ad for a governess..." by Anne Flanigan:

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In the mid 30's before i was born my aunt Ruth Narvik a Norwegian immigrant answered an ad for a governess for a young boy. She was interviewed by a couple who identified themselves as the Smiths. When the interview was over they introduced themselves as the Lindberghs who needed a governess for their second son John. They were surprised when my aunt had not recognized them but as her eyesight was not good it was not surprising. She was hired and remained in their employ through the trial.

My parents spent a weeks vacation in the Lindbergh guest house in Hopewell while my aunt was employed there and were very pleased to have met the Lindberghs and seen Albert Einstein in his garden while strolling in Princeton. They found Charles very quiet and aloof and Anne very warm. I recently read a book by Reeve Lindbergh titled Under A Wing and found her comments on her parents very much in line with the stories my family told.

My aunt was very proud of the fact she taught John to swim and when he made the cover of a magazine for something to do with diving she gloated. She remained with the Lindberghs through the trial. I laughed when watching a made for TV movie some years ago about the trial when the governess drove away from the courthouse. As much as she tried my aunt was never able to pass a driving test. When the trial was over and the Lindberghs decided to go to England she was invited to join them but declined as she had recently come to this country and wanted to stay here.

Ruth went on to become a nurse and worked in Brooklyn NY as a visiting nurse and later as a school nurse. She never married and died in 1965 at the age of 62 of a heart attack in her sleep. I have her letter of recommendation written by Mrs. Lindbergh and an autographed picture of Mrs. Lindbergh and John which is proudly displayed in my living room.

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