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"Capt. Charles Lindbergh's Soliloquy"
Author: Alma F. Callicotte
Date Unknown.

My Spirit St. Louis, we are sure to succeed,
No danger of traffic, no arresting for speed.
No ringing of Curfew, no bell at midnight,
To slow down the speed of our wonderful flight.
No filling house stations, no bridges, no lanes,
To check or to bind us flying over the main.
We, high up in the air, above all these,
Moving onward, yes forward, as fast as we please.
All past records breaking, we will make one grand hop,
From New York to Paris, and never one stop.

The hum of your motor is music to me,
Delightful our trip o'er deep rolling sea.
How thrilling our voyage, how pleasant our flight,
I feel in my bones everything is all right.
I've seen my first iceberg, which sent forth a chill,
The frolicking porpoise, that gave me a thrill.
Birds flying past us in mid ocean blue,
They learned we were friendly, and good flyers, too.
All day golden sunbeams made everything bright,
While soft silvery moon and stars lit up the night.

My Sprit St. Louis, My Lady, My Pride,
We will soon land in Paris on opposite side:
When we enter the city, I being a kid,
Don't let me forget, I must take off My Lid.
Of on-coming greetings, I have nothing to say,
We have chatted and talked of our flight on the way.
My Spirit St. Louis, when up in the sky,
We are both right at home on'a long distance fly.
We drop to the earth, things are poking and slow,
I say too my lady, let's fly up and go.

I am never again going to travel around,
Like a Tortoise shell hugging close to the ground.
I will spring to my plane and arise to my place,
Hop over the Main in a jolly round race.
Here we are above Paris, my Lady and I,
We will light down among them, descend from the sky.
Our flight is successful. What more can I say?
I wish too pay homage, to one far away.
My most beloved Mother, who gave me my birth,
My best friend and dearest of any on earth.

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