My mother's stories about her "brush" with Charles Lindbergh

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For years, I have been delighted by my mother's stories about her "brush" with Charles Lindbergh. Her parents (my grandparents), Cortland and Ruth O'Day, were friendly with Charles and Anne Lindbergh circa the 1930s ... My grandfather was in the air conditioning business in Ohio, and later in New York (where he founded Air Devices, Inc.).

According to my mother, Mr. Lindbergh was interested in the mechanics of air conditioning, as it related to aviation. I believe it was because of this interest that Mr. Lindberg accompanied my grandfather on various business trips.

My mother recalls her father's accounts of Mr. Lindbergh having dinner brought to his hotel room, while my grandfather went to the dining room for his meal. My grandfather said Mr. Lindbergh was a very private man, and often preferred to be alone.

My Grandfather told my mother about the times, during business trips, when Mr. Lindbergh would relax on the hotel bed with his feet up, revealing holes in the bottom of his socks!

The aviator once asked my mother (then a young girl) if she would like to take a ride in his airplane with him ... but she declined, since the idea of flying frightened her. (My reaction to this, of course, has always been..."Darn!")

I'm happy to have found a place to share my family's connection with Charles Lindbergh, since it's an honor to be able to include such an important historical figure in my own family's history!

P.S. According to my mother, my grandfather's company, Air Devices, Inc., installed at least some component of the air conditioning systems in Radio City Music Hall, the Pentagon and El Morocco night club, among others.

By Donna Snyder, CA

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