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William Moore: I flew Charles Lindberg and lived with him for five days in 1969

I flew Charles Lindberg and lived with him for five days in 1969. He was a naturalist and conservationist at that time but always a pilot. We covered Baja California Mexico. We flew a Beachcraft C-90 Kingair and a Grumman Goose. The trip was for Belvidere Scientific Fund. During the decade 1960-70 I flew more than fifty trips to Baja for them in aircraft from a Cessna 310 to a Lockheed Lodestar into more than 25 fields, only four of which were paved. The Lindberg one was the most memorable. He was the most modest, honest and gentlemanly person that I have ever met.

General Lindberg is a National Treasure and I don't compare myself to him but some of his significant dates are close to my own: He was born on 02/04/02; I on 02/01/20. His trip across the Atlantic was 05/20/27 My first 06/09/43 (I delivered bombers and transports across the Atlantic until October 1945), Sixteen years and three weeks later. This trip was to acquaint Lindberg with that peninsula and the areas that Belvidere and the Mexican Conservationist wanted set aside as nature preserves. Lindberg did participate in the plea to the Mexican Legislators and several areas were preserved.

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