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I grew up in Little Falls Minnesota and did see Charles Lindbergh speak there about 1975 for an anniversary event at his house and museum ( I was in High School at the time). My father was President for 30 years of the American National Bank.......one of the two banks in town........and one that CA Lindbergh had been on the Board of many years before. Charles would slip into Little Falls often ....and quietly..........to visit longtime friend Gordon Rosenmeier. Gordon was on my father's board of directors........a prominent Atty and in the Minnesota legislature for many years. Also a very close friend as well of my Dad's-and on the Board of the Bank. Gordon law partner was John Simonett (also a Board Member).........later on the Minnesota Supreme Court. John and his wife Doris were my parents best friends.......and both still living in St. Paul. There were many people in Little Falls who knew Charles in High School. It was always well known how much Lindbergh loved coming back to Little Falls in his later years. While I guess he did not always love it so when he lived there.......and felt people treated him as odd in High School..........in later years he appreciated how he was left alone, for the most part. He was still a local celebrity but these were simple, small town people. Somehow--they really did not seem him as the celebrity the world did. Ironically...years later I lived blocks from Anne Morrow in Darien, Connecticut. She had stayed in touch with Doris Simonett so I knew exactly where she lived.........although Darien residents had no idea. I have my Mother's collection of her books and would love to have met her. My Mother had been a great fan long before coming to Little Falls with my Father..........had been born in 1920 and had Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhardt scrapbooks and longed to fly. There could not have been a greater fan than Mom ! Gordon, John and Doris all wanted her to meet him but it never worked out. My Mother battled a great deal of illness and always was very sick when he was in town.

Joan D.

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