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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Safety & Minimums


Safety is the first priority during the Remembrance Goodwill Tour. No action or decision will be made which would compromise the safety of the tour's crew or the public. Since safety is our main concern, a tentative schedule has been established. Flights will be made on schedule only if safety permits the execution of the flight, by adhering to established mission minimums. For any circumstance where safety would be compromised from departure, the flight will be postponed and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

Greg Maryniak, executive director of the X-prize Foundation and flight director of Erik Lindbergh's 2001 Transatlantic flight to Paris stated in a telephone conversation, "There should not be a set schedule that should be met…there are many mission goals (mission flight condition minimums) that must be met before each flight's departure."

Weather is a major concern in insuring the safety of this trip. Although forecasts issued by the FAA weather advisories are extremely accurate, there are instances in which the safety of the flight could be compromised. In the event that weather compromises the safety of a flight en route, the flight will be postponed and will only resume when weather conditions permit.

Flight safety is an issue, but the safety on the ground is just as important. The safety and responsibility of the crew will be priority in scheduling any events away from the airport environment. Effort has been made to ensure the crew will be staying in safe lodging, convenient to each airport. Any excursion made away from the airport environment will be carried out with safety in mind.

As in any situation, emergencies have the possibility of arising. Acts of God, the actions of others outside the tour's influence, illness, and any other circumstances beyond our control may occur, and provisions will be made to the best of our ability. We will not hesitate to modify the tour's schedule in the event we should have to wait out any emergency that should arise. The well being of the crew and anyone associated with the Remembrance Goodwill Tour is paramount.

Physical Minimums:

  1. No alcohol consumed during the dates of the trip, plus 3 days prior to leaving Long Island, NY.
  2. Pilot in command must be free of any medication that can cause drowsiness, disorientation, or nausea as prescribed by the FAA.
  3. Pilot in command must have at least 8 hours of continuous sleep.

Weather Minimums:

  1. In cases of IFR flight, departures will be made only if ceilings are 700 feet AGL or better. In Class C or Class B airports, departures can be made if ceilings are better than 500 feet AGL.
  2. Departures will not be made if sustained winds are greater than 15 knots, or gusting to more than 30 knots. Landings will not be made if sustained winds are greater than 15 knots, or gusting to more than 20 knots. Demonstrated crosswind components for the Cessna 182 will be followed.
  3. Any flight that may encounter convective activity (depending on severity) will be scrapped until forecasts indicate otherwise.
  4. If convective activity is encountered en route, and vectors are not available around the activity, a landing will be made at the nearest airport away from the activity, and flight will resume only after the danger has past.
  5. Departures in visibilities of less than 1 mile (RVR 6000ft) will not be made.

Other minimums::

  1. No departure will be planned if the landing is not assured before sunset.


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