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Remembrance Goodwill Tour 2003—Educational Benefits

The Group: (left) Andy Wheeler, (center) Justin McKeithan and (right) Dan'l Murray
The commemoration and reenactment of Charles Lindbergh's "Goodwill Tour" of 1927 will create vast educational benefits. From a pure flying aspect this would provide a tremendous experience of flying in and out of many different airport terminals and control zones. It would require impeccable preflight planning discipline for each day's flight. Logging flight time, experiencing the myriad of airport procedures, and executing all of the planning requirements would all enhance the career of any aspiring pilot. However, even more valuable will be the intangible benefits: namely teamwork, responsibility, problem solving, and the ability to adapt to changing situations.

From the beginning, each pilot has been assigned specific tasks in various areas to complete the project proposal. Participants were required to complete each of their assignments (i.e. contacting news media for coverage and arranging hotel accommodations). During the Tour, teamwork will be tested each day and will be vital to the success of the Tour.

It will be of critical importance for each pilot not only to perform his task in a responsible and professional manner so that he can be relied upon, but that responsible behavior be exhibited throughout the Tour's duration. The professionalism and responsibility necessary will be a reflection of the individual and a reflection of the group as a whole. The credibility and integrity of the project depends upon each pilot displaying his responsibility and professionalism at all times.

As in the case of Charles Lindbergh, the Tour will inevitably be faced with unforeseen problems and challenges. In fact, several already surfaced in the preparation of the project, which have been successfully worked out. Through teamwork, communication, maintaining safety, and problem-solving, the successful completion of the Tour will provide real world experience that few classrooms could ever provide.

Finally, all pilots must be able to adapt to changing environments and situations (bad weather or problems at airports). This Tour will provide the opportunity and challenge to face many situations that were not planned. Like problem solving, this experience will have educational benefits that could last a lifetime.

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