The Mysterious Man Behind Lindberghs Flight to Paris

Spirit & Creator by Nova Hall
Spirit & Creator: The Lost Story Behind Lindbergh's Historic Flight to Paris by Nova Hall


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SHEFFIELD, MASS. (April 1st 2003)- ATN Publishing announces the June 2003 release of a book based on author, Nova Hall's discovery of a collection of photographs locked in a World War I steamer trunk in the family garage. The hidden collection belonged to the author's grandfather, Donald A. Hall, Sr., who was the designer of the Spirit of St. Louis. Through the photographs of Donald Hall and the writings of his grandson, Nova, Spirit and Creator: The Mysterious Man Behind Lindbergh's Flight to Paris takes us through a historic journey of the design and construction of the Spirit of St. Louis in 1927.

Spirit and Creator brings to life, the previously unknown collection of secrets surrounding the creation of this famous airplane. The over-sized horizontal format includes more than one hundred unpublished photographs, personal correspondence with Charles A. Lindbergh, original documents, design instruments, models, and film footage excerpts. Aviation books have focused on the trans-Atlantic flight, but rarely describe the bigger story that is equally as remarkable. Spirit and Creator fills this historical gap. The Spirit of St. Louis was built in San Diego in only sixty-days, a feat that is impossible to recreate today without modern technology.

    "This is a wonderful story, and a true one as well, in which friendship and adventure combine in a delightful account of two young men working together in 1927 to bring a dream to life, as they design and build a little silver airplane called the Spirit of St. Louis." - Reeve Lindbergh, daughter and author.

Author, Nova Hall, the only grandchild of Donald A. Hall, Sr., has lived in Arizona for over 17 years. Following in his grandfather and father's footsteps as a student pilot, photographer, and writer, he co-founded Orbital Air, Inc. (with David J. Pashman) to fulfill their shared goal of developing new aircraft while promoting the golden years of aviation. In 2002, he spoke at Hofstra University, AirVenture Oshkosh, the 25th anniversary Lindbergh Foundation Awards, participated on the National Lindbergh 75th Anniversary Committee, and co-founded the Donald A. Hall Aviation Foundation.

    ISBN 09702964-4-4 (hardcover edition) $39.94
    Release date June 2003
    Distributed nationally thru Safe Goods Publishing (using Ingram Books, Baker & Taylor, and Bookpeople)

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