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Should you have been one of many fortunate people to meet Charles Lindbergh, if you have a good story about someone you know meeting Lindbergh, or any other Lindbergh related stories, we would like to hear from you. We would like to post your story on this web site. Stories can be sent via email to: or use the online form.

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Poor little girl from Alabama My mother tells us seven children that when she was a little girl about 7 or 8 years old, that she shared a Taxi ride with Charles Lindbergh. more
Charles Lindbergh was one of his students. Here are two photos of my grandfather. He died in 1960, before I was born, but my grandmother always told me he was a privately contracted flight instructor for the military, and at one point Charles Lindbergh was one of his students. more
Shurl Stover, April 5, 1945, Fretigs Pennsylvania The one story that my dad, Shurl Stover, would tell was from when he was just 17. It happens on April 5, 1945, in Fretigs Pennsylvania, the day his grandmother Louise (Lucy) Dietrich past away. My dad had stay home from work to help out with the many things that needed to be done on that sadist of days. Around lunch time he was out front of the farm talking to one of his friends, Clair Schwab, who was on his way back to the little one room school house, when they heard a plane over head. It circled lower and lower, and coming down between the groves of trees it landed in the hayfield below the farm that belonged to Vic and Dow Sharrar. more
Photos of Charles Lindbergh in Mexico (1927-28) more
Secrets of the Spirit: Charles Lindbergh, Donald Hall, and the Plane That Made History by Nick T. Spark In 1998, a letter arrived at the home of Don Hall, Jr. from Ev Cassagneres, an amateur historian and author of numerous books about Ryan aircraft. "Are you," the letter began, "the son of Donald Hall, designer of Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis?" The answer, which was in the affirmative, came as a shock to Don's young son Nova. He knew almost nothing about his grandfather, who died in 1968, several years before he was born. Now he was being told that one of his relatives had not only known Lindbergh, but that he'd been involved in one of the most important feats in aviation history. It seemed incredible. more
Lindbergh Lands In Moundsville By Thomas O. James All communities along the route from Moundsville to Wheeling purchased bunting, banners and flags to dress the motorcade route in patriotic colors. While Wheeling had a stadium to prepare and a dinner to plan, Moundsville was anticipating a crush of automobile traffic at the airfield and a huge crowd of spectators on Route 2. more
Clifton H. Troxell-Wingman for Lindbergh By Dorothy Troxell-Yonker: Wingman to Col. Chrles Lindbergh on mission during which Lindbergh shot down a Japanese fighter plane. more
Ed Greding journal about Charles Lindbergh By Mary Hoffman: My father, Ed Greding, kept a journal during the late twenties and early thirties. He was very involved with flying and airplanes and ended up working on them most of his life. He had this section about his meeting with Lindbergh. The italics were added by him in about 1970. Hope you find it interesting. I would love to get any pictures of Lindbergh during his stop at Love Field in Dallas. more
Paper in French about the November 1933 Lindbergh' stay in Geneva (Switzerland)

Originally published in the November 2004 "La feuille volante", bulletin de l'Aéro-club de Suisse, section de Genève, pp:7-10.

Q u a n d    L i n d b e r g h   a l a q u a i t*    à    G e n è v e

Très célèbre après la 1e traversée aérienne de l'Atlantique (1927), Charles Lindbergh va parcourir les rivages de plusieurs océans à la recherche de futures escales aériennes commerciales. A bord d'un hydravion rapide accompagné de son épouse faisant office de radio-télégraphiste, il fait escale dans plusieurs villes dont Genève. Fuyant la presse trop oppressante suite au rapt et décès de son 1e enfant (1932), il évite les journalistes aux escales tout en réalisant presque à chaque étape un exploit aérien. Les ouvrages d'aviation suisse ne relatèrent pas cette unique visite helvétique surprise qui voit un grand homme de l'air rendre hommage à notre petite République du bout du lac.

James Patrick Lynch—I knew immediately it was Lindbergh himself I doubt this is of much use, but for what it is worth. Shortly before Lindbergh's death, from six months to a year, I was working for the "Los Angeles Times." As I and three or four of my fellow workers were going from the ground floor to the third floor where our offices were, I noticed this chap quietly standing in the corner of the elevator. more
William Moore: I flew Charles Lindberg and lived with him for five days in 1969 flew Charles Lindberg and lived with him for five days in 1969. He was a naturalist and conservationist at that time but always a pilot. We covered Baja California Mexico. We flew a Beachcraft C-90 Kingair and a Grumman Goose. The trip was for Belvidere Scientific Fund. more
H. Michael Barrett: With Lindbergh's Photographer With Lindbergh's Photographer: In the early 1970s I worked in Washington DC as an evening-shift desk clerk at Columbia Plaza Apartments, just up the street from the Watergate Apartment complex which became so widely known during the Nixon presidency. more
Lindbergh Flew with Us (307th Bomb Group)! Summer of 1944 our B-24 Bomber Squadron 424 was stationed on Wakde Island and were part of the 307th B.G. (H). Wakde was a few miles off New Guinea and one mile long with the coral air strip dividing the island and extending from edge to edge. Heavy bombers were on one side of the air strip and fighters consisting of P-38’s and P-51’s on the other. Before mission briefings we would be told if we were to get fighter cover and if Lindbergh would fly with us. more
Cyril Ludwig Stodolka It was during these early days of Royalton that a young man from Little Falls came down to the Stodolka airstrip and became interested in what was developing there. In 1919, Charles Lindbergh rode his motorbike down from their farm in Little Falls to meet the Stodolkas. Cyril says he was "a very quiet" young man. Cyril says he later talked with Charles quite a bit about the famous flight across the Atlantic. more
My Grandfather took Charles Lindbergh out on his champion speedboat There are others in my family who know more about this, but I always liked this story about Grandpa. My Grandfather took Charles Lindbergh out on his champion speedboat before & after the trip to Paris in 1927. Henry "Hap" Hazard is considered to be a pioneer and legend in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. more
Lindbergh in Mexico by Juan Jose Charles A. Lindbergh parents visited the border city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico on their wedding trip in 1901. Charles first confirmed trip outside the U.S.A. was to Panama in 1913, when he traveled by boat with his mother to visit the building of the interoceanic way. There's no evidence supporting that Lindbergh visited Tijuana or any other mexican city during his stay in San Diego, while the "Spirit of St. Louis" was being built in the Spring of 1927, nor that he had flown over mexican territory during the test flights of the aircraft. more
Our visit to Ile Illiec by Geoffrey Batten Having read in Charles's 'Wartime Journals' and in Anne's fourth volume of diaries and letters 'The Flower and the Nettle' about Ile Illiec, the island off the north Brittany coast of France which was owned by the Lindberghs during their stay in Europe between 1936 and 1939, I was keen to see it . A visit to friends who have retired to Quimper gave my wife and I the opportunity to go to Illiec as well. more
Major General Earl L. Johnson—How I First Met Charles Lindbergh Late one afternoon the phone rang on the porch near my BOQ room and it was General Kincaid. He asked me what I was doing for dinner that night and I told him I had no plans. He then said that General Lindbergh was there to spend the night and would I come over for Christmas Eve dinner. He also said that a few Colonels who commanded our bases would be there and to dress in just khaki everyday uniforms and be there about 6:30. more
The Lindbergh Legacy by Charles A. (Chuck) Stone The Lindbergh Historic Home and Interpretive Center is located on the west side of the Mississippi River at the edge of the Little Falls city limits. It is connected to Lindbergh State Park, located across the road. While the Historic Home and Interpretive Center, encompassing around seven acres of wooded land, is controlled by the State Historical Society, the Park, itself, is under the management of the MN Department of Natural Resources. Both entities operated at different levels of staffing and public service, depending on the season of the year. more
Panama, January 1928 Pictures of Charles Lindbergh & the Spirit of St. Louis in Panama. From the estate of Lester C. Haas, Shreveport, Louisiana. more
One day, a man came walking down the tracks... In a recent conversation with my distant cousin, Cecilia Henderson Wachter, she related a story to me that occurred in the late summer, 1925 when she was ten years old. more
Henrietta Paine & The Spirit of St. Louis September 1 or 2, 1927 in Pierre, South Dakota I recently discovered a picture of the Spirit of St Louis that I was unaware we owned, which led to research and finding your wonderful site. Please allow me the liberty of a detailed explanation. more
April 1967 in Tay Ninh Province, Republic of Vietnam One morning around April 1967 our mission was to fly a US Air Force brigadier general from Nha Trang to Tuy Hoa and then on to Qui Nhon. The name of the general was not provided, which was not unusual; however, we were on the "hot spot" on Nha Trang airfield at the appointed time. more
Mysterious visitor was to be Charles A. Lindbergh I am a native of Little Falls, MN and raised 5 children in what I still consider the best small town in the state. After my first husband died; I remarried in the latter part of the 90's and moved from LF but still return very often to visit friends and family and take part in the many events that the city offers during the various seasons of the year. more
Capt. Charles Lindbergh's Soliloquy" by Alma F. Callicotte, Date Unknown. My Spirit St. Louis, we are sure to succeed,
No danger of traffic, no arresting for speed.
No ringing of Curfew, no bell at midnight,
To slow down the speed of our wonderful flight.
I grew up in Little Falls Minnesota... I grew up in Little Falls Minnesota and did see Charles Lindbergh speak there about 1975 for an anniversary event at his house and museum ( I was in High School at the time).
The Lindbergh Story By John Dirks Many years ago, I would say probably in October of 1926, we lived right on the airmail route that went from St. Louis to Springfield and then to Chicago. One evening while doing my chores on the farm, we saw an airplane come down. The first thing we did was we went to the plane to see what happened. Well the plane came down of course and the only thing we knew that happened was he just came down. more
Lindbergh's Stay in Nanking, September 1931 by Damaris Peck Reynolds I was visiting my parents, Alice and Willys Peck, that summer. My father was the Counsellor of Embassy, the ranking American official in Nanking. We hurriedly changed our plans and drove out to Lotus Lake to greet the Lindberghs. Many Chinese officials joined us there. There was no suitable dock so as Lindbergh anchored the plane out in the lake, small boats loaded with well wishers went out to the plane and the Lindberghs were quickly brought ashore. more
My Mother, Laura Thelma Strong McClain Florey once flew with Lindbergh while he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a fee of $5.00. My Mother, Laura Thelma Strong McClain Florey once flew with Lnidbergh while he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a fee of $5.00. This had to be before his historic flight, and while he lived in Lincoln, Nebraska in his early flying years. Now, since about 2000 there is a plaque at 20th & High Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, as a memorial to Lindbergh on the corner of where the flying field where he learned to fly, which plaque is directly across the street from where my Mother lived in her later years! more
Lindbergh landed in Paris on my mother's birthday Later that year, he made a goodwill flight to Mexico. At the time, I was just over seven years of age. My hometown, Vineland NJ, is located centrally in southern New Jersey, about 100 air miles south of New York City. There was considerable publicity and we knew the time he was scheduled to fly over the area. I attended a small four room school, and our teachers permitted us to go outside before the appointed time. more
Igor Sikorsky teaching Charles Lindbergh to fly a helicopter Notably I have seen in person Charles Lindbergh, pilot of the first trans-Atlantic non-stop flight and Igor Sikorsky the helicopter inventor. Igor Sikorsky came to the Air Force Academy to lecture us cadets one evening in 1957, I believe it was. more
For years, I have been delighted by my mother's stories about her "brush" with Charles Lindbergh. For years, I have been delighted by my mother's stories about her "brush" with Charles Lindbergh. Her parents (my grandparents), Cortland and Ruth O'Day, were friendly with Charles and Anne Lindbergh circa the 1930s ... My grandfather was in the air conditioning business in Ohio, and later in New York (where he founded Air Devices, Inc.). more
Lindbergh History April 1926- November 1926 My grandfather's name is Pete Thompson. You may not know of him but then you may not be familiar with the excitement around Covell, Illinois on November 3, 1926. The following is a story of how Charles Lindbergh and Pete Thompson crossed paths and made history. more
When Lindy came to town (Belize Central America) by Neil Fraser In the opening sequence of the old TV program Fantasy Island a little man is excitedly calling "De plane! De plane!" It always reminded me of Belize where, as children, at the rare sound of an approaching aircraft we would cry out "A plane!" while running to our verandahs to see what the sky was bringing to this remote place we called home. more
We saw him land! In a long-lost letter an American woman describes Lindbergh’s tumultuous touchdown in Paris more
Mr Hugh Curran saw The Spirit of St.Louis by Tom Gale of Dublin, Ireland: My wife's father,Mr Hugh Curran saw "the Spirit of St.Louis" when it flew over the southwest tip of Ireland enroute to Paris. more
The Spirit Flies On by Barry Schiff The Spirit of St. Louis is perhaps the most famous and recognizable aircraft of all time. I approached it with awe and reverence, even though it was a replica. The silver monoplane with the burnished cowling and spinner sat alone on a ramp at Oshkosh, its nose pointed skyward as if poised for flight. more
"My aunt Ruth Narvik a Norwegian immigrant answered an ad for a governess..." by Anne Flanigan In the mid 30's before i was born my aunt Ruth Narvik a Norwegian immigrant answered an ad for a governess for a young boy. She was interviewed by a couple who identified themselves as the Smiths. When the interview was over they introduced themselves as the Lindberghs who needed a governess for their second son John. more
"Lindbergh visited Carmel to demonstrate his glider", by Dick Tice My cousin Corwin, a few years older than me, had the honour of having his foot stepped on by Lindbergh that day, who "Excuse me," and Corwin "It didn't hurt." I always envied my my cousin for that. more
The night I dined with Lindbergh By L.A. Spector Surprise, surprise. Guess who's coming to dinner? I knew the answer: Charles Lindbergh - Jon's father, and arguably one of the most famous figures of the 20th century. more
The Spirit Of St. Louis by Scott Damgaard

Every time I fly, I think of Charles Lindbergh
Things have come a long way since then
Flying across the Atlantic Ocean with a single prop engine
Who'd ever want to try that again?

If He Had Only Known! Charles Lindbergh was a cautious and methodical person. That's why he lived to become an old man. One late night, a couple of Ryan employees were filling the fuel tanks after a test flight. One of them, fatigued by long hours of work, dropped a short length of rubber hose down the filler neck into the main fuel tank. more
The Rescue of General Charles Lindbergh Easter Sunday, 1972 by Bruce Ware HH-3E, tail number 66-13289 (Jolly 36 or AF Rescue 289) lifted off Clark AB, Republic of the Philippines at 0320 Hrs. on Easter Sunday morning, 1972. The mission was to fly over 600 miles south to Southern Mindanao, and attempt to recover General Charles A. Lindbergh from the Tasaday mountain range. more
Rowland L. Hall- Northfield, Illinois Story: One bright Fall afternoon in 1998, my Champ and I were cruising along a few hundred feet above the Illinois River. At 80 MHP the towns passed slowly under our wings; Morris, Seneca, Marseilles, Ottawa. Ottawa! From out of nowhere an oft-read phrase flashed across my mind, "The sheriff from Ottawa arrived, and we took the mail to the Ottawa Post Office to be entrained at 3:30 A.M. for Chicago." more
Charles Lindbergh lands his plane at Bluewater By Genevieve Tietjen Hassell: It was a beautiful Sabbath morning in Bluewater, New Mexico in the summer of 1928. In the summertime, Sunday School classes were sometimes held outside the chapel. During the lesson we heard a plane and soon we saw it getting closer and lower, then it circled the town and started cutting its motor. more
Only one man can say he was accidentally bumped from the sky by Charles Lindbergh Only one man can say he was accidentally bumped from the sky by Charles Lindbergh. It was in 1925 before Lindbergh became Lucky Lindy, first person to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean—back when he was just a goofy flight-school cadet in Texas. Lindbergh's account of the mishap has been published in biographies, aviation magazines, school textbooks and newspapers. Yet the man Lindbergh knocked from the air has never told his story for the record. more
The Day I met Charles Lindbergh By Henry Breckinridge Chenoweth: We had just sat down to dinner in our home in Glendale, California on an evening in November of 1927 when the telephone rang. My father, a retired army officer, answered the call. On the other end was Colonel Henry Breckinridge, Under Secretary of War during President Woodrow Wilson's administration and attorney and advisor to Charles Lindbergh. more
Recalling Sand Points famous pioneer aviator visitors By Stan Stapp I was nine years old in 1927 when I happened to be walking along N. 42nd Street near Woodlawn Ave. and passed a man in the other direction. It looks like Lindbergh is going to make it, he said, seemingly to no one in particular. I looked around, expecting his remark was intended for someone else. But there was no one else ‹ I guess he was talking to me. more
Charles Lindbergh and the 475th Fighter Group Lindbergh scored his first kill "I was there, and the old man got a Sonia fair and square. . . . It really was something. I blew some pieces off the wing, but it was Mr. Lindbergh's victory." Congratulations flew through the camp. more
By Charles Roberts Hawks, Jr. I had some fascinating visitors to our office. One day General Partridge called to ask me to meet and escort a General Lindbergh around my area... more
Entertaining Charles Lindbergh in their home by Nelson Norman Not too many people currently living can recall entertaining Charles Lindbergh in their home. Perhaps you may be interested in this story. 1935 High School classmate Russ Sundet included part of it in his book REMINISCING WITH RUSS: Short Stories About Crookston, Minnesota and Growing up in the 1920's. more
By Rick Barlow The flight school I attended (now sadly gone) Hawaii Air Academy (not the current similarly named school ) was used by Mr. Lindbergh to charter himself to Hana Maui on at least two occasions I witnessed. more
Remembering Charles Lindbergh Alice Gollan, Brighton MA My connection to Charles Lindbergh began with the movie "THe Spirit of St. Louis". I was in 9th grade when I saw it the first time. Lindbergh became my hero and I must have seen the movie 18 times in all. more

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