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Lindbergh Memorabilia Resources

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The moment that Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris, he became a celebrity. Towns and babies were named after him as was the Lindy hop, a popular dance of the time. Hundreds of thousands of letters and gifts poured in from all over the country: a diamond stickpin, an amethyst ring, commemorative wallpaper and a horned toad that was dead on arrival. Merchandisers cashed in on the "Lucky Lindy" popularity. There were Lindbergh picture puzzles, Lindbergh tapestries, Lindbergh souvenir beanies, Lindbergh gum dispensers, and much, much, more.

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Another way to find out information about your treasured piece of Lindbergh history is to post your memoribilia questions within the Lindbergh Discussion Center. Thousands of visitor view the Discussion Center each month. Someone may be able to provide an anwser to your question(s)! You can also send questions to the Webmaster at:

Donating Lindbergh Memorabilia to

If you're interested in donating a Lindbergh memorabilia item to the web site, please mail to:
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The site is an excellent resource for Lindbergh collectors or the lucky person who finds a piece of Lindbergh memorabilia. Use the eBay site to view completed auctions to better help you find the value of your item. In addition, the eBay site offers a world-wide opportunity to sell your memorabilia. Here's a helpful hint, search under mis-spellings of Lindberghs name such as "Lindberg". The following helpful links will show you current items on eBay under each topic-

C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society

The C.A.L./N-X-211 COLLECTORS SOCIETY is a group of people of all ages, who admire the accomplishment of the MAN and the MACHINE. They collect the treasured pieces of the historical memorabilia that help to memorialize the event and, in so doing, help to "Perpetuate the memory of the Man and the Machine". Our goal is to help renew interest in this event with current and up-coming generations and keep fiction from becoming fact and fact from becoming fiction.

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