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Lindbergh Foundation

Lindbergh Foundation Logo

The Foundation has a prestigious team of officers, directors, and directors emeriti, leading the way into a future full of opportunities to fulfill Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's vision of a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation.

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation, formerly The Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, was created in 1977, the 50th anniversary year of Charles Lindbergh's epic New York-to-Paris flight. It was originated by friends of the Lindberghs at The Explorers Club in New York City, with the resulting national effort which established the non-profit organization led by General James H. Doolittle and Astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Since its formation, the mission of the Foundation has been to further the Lindbergh's vision of balance. The changing of the organization's name, which took place in 1994, honors Anne Morrow Lindbergh and recognizes that she and her husband shared the vision of this balance in the devoted partnership they formed in pioneering aviation, exploration, conservation, writing and philosophy.

The Foundation seeks to support present and future generations in working toward such a balance, that we may "...discern nature's essential wisdom and combine it with our scientific knowledge..." (Charles A. Lindbergh) and "balance power over life with reverence for life" (Anne Morrow Lindbergh).

Charles A. Lindbergh House

The famous aviator spent boyhood summers at this home on the Mississippi River. You can enjoy its cozy kitchen, hear the whisper of pines from the porch where he slept, or walk by the river where he dreamed of flight. As a boy, he tinkered with all things mechanical in the basement. But his adolescent dreams of flight soon brought him a job flying the mail.

In 1927, he disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean, alone in a single-engine plane before emerging safely in Paris. The house, which contains original furnishings and family possessions, was built in 1906. A visitor center features a gift shop and exhibits.

Patrick Ranfranz (Owner/Web Developer of this site) took the following pictures of the Charles A. Lindbergh House during an October 2000 visit:

Erik Lindbergh Gallery A Lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Erik Lindbergh’s approach to woodworking is to blend natural shapes into functional and pleasing form

" I think that the most difficult challenge of this work is to allow the wood to speak for itself. How does one open ones eyes to see the depths of what happens in nature? As I contemplate my own tentative relationship with the earth, I find myself identifying with gnarled trees, our twisted trunks, knots and burls are a visible testament to the struggles we have lived through, and the more "skawapity" we get, the more character we have. Perhaps this kinship is what lights the creative fire in my belly and draws me into this wildwood world. I suppose too, that I am frustrated with my experiences with the “throwaway” furniture that is sold in the giant stores of today. My rebellion is to create something that will not only serve a purpose, but will awaken the senses to the beauty of all the "imperfection" that is our world."

The EarthShine Institute The EarthShine Institute is a supporting organization of The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation.

It was founded in the 75th anniversary year of Charles Lindbergh's historic solo New York-to-Paris flight. This 501(c)(3) organization based in Florida presents educational and cultural programs that further the shared vision of Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

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