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Charles Lindbergh & Spirit of St. Louis, Panama, January 1928
From the estate of Lester C. Haas, Shreveport, Louisiana

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FRANCE FIELD, Canal Zone, January 12—The “Spirit of St. Louis” coming to rest on American Territory for the first time since it departed from Washington late in December. (Note propeller still going) Lindbergh has not yet gotten out of the plane.

FRANCE FIELD, C.Z. January 12, --Reception committee meeting Colonel Lindbergh after alighting from the “Spirit of St. Louis” and prior to the triumphant march, which equaled any he has ever taken, through the streets of Colon and Cristobal where he was hailed and welcomed by over 50,000 persons. From left to right: (Far Left) Robert Wilcox, one of the reception committee, Lindbergh, (Dark Suit, hand-in-hand, to the right of Lindbergh) Inocencio Galindo, Jr., Chairman of the reception committee, (with back to us, wearing hat) Lieut. Douglas, Lindy’s aide and a student with him at Kelly Field, San Antonio, Captain Ward K. Wortman, commander of the US naval air station at Coco Solo, General Charles A. Rhodes, commanding all troops on the Atlantic side of the Isthmus.

CAMPO LINDBERGH, Panama City, January 9—Airplane view showing part of the crowd of 40,000 persons watching “WE” land after successfully hopping off from San Jose, Costa Rica, early in the morning.
CAMPO LINDBERGH, Panama City, January 9—Another view showing the crowd watching Lindy and plane land.
COLON, January 12, -- “LINDY” with Governor J.D. Arosemena of Colon, while marching through the streets in the mammoth parade which was witnessed by fifty thousand persons.

Estate of Lester C. Haas, Shreveport, Louisiana Copyright

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