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Charles Lindbergh FBI Files
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FBI files from public access:

In early 1975, the FBI assigned a handful of employees the task of handling an anticipated influx of Freedom of Information Act requests due to new legislation. Although the Freedom of Information Act had been in effect since 1966, it did not apply to investigatory files compiled for law enforcement purposes, thus generally exempting FBI files from public access.

By the end of 1975, amendments to the Freedom of Information Act had become effective and the Privacy Act of 1974 also became effective. The passage of these laws provided for broad access to FBI records which previously had been severely limited.

Questioning his loyalty:

Many citizens wrote to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover indicating their mistrust of Lindbergh and questioning his loyalty to the United States following his American First Committee involvement prior to the start of World War II. The following FBI files consists of the letters sent to the FBI Director, and various newspaper articles that were written about Mr. Lindbergh. The FBI ivestigated and kept files on a lot of famous American's during this period.

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Minnesota Historical Society Photo

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