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Charles Lindbergh Audio Clips

The following files are offered as a resource of audio clips and recordings of Charles Lindbergh. This site does not support the content of some of the recordings below, however, the goal of this page is to offer a perspective of available audio clips. Please feel free to submit additional clips for this page.

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh's arrival in Paris Audio Clip

Live radio broadcast from May 21, 1927 regarding Charles Lindbergh's arrival in Paris.

NEW-Charles Lindbergh's return to Washington DC

The following audio clips were digitalized from June 1927 Victor orthophonic recordings. The clips include actual moments during Charles Lindbergh's reception to Washington DC, the march along Pennsylvania Avenue and the reception at the foot of the Washington Monument.

The following audio files are the property of Pat Ranfranz of Download and listen to the clips. Please email for permission to reuse clips. All rights reserved.

Charles Lindbergh

President Calvin Coolidge speaking about Charles Lindbergh

Audio clip of President Calvin Coolidge speaking about Charles Lindbergh after his return to the US. President Calvin Coolidge presenting the Dist. Flying Cross to Charles Lindbergh.

Charles Lindbergh speaking on non-intervention in 1941

Audio clip of Lindbergh on non-intervention in 1941.On September 11, 1941, Charles Lindbergh appeared in Des Moines, Iowa, to speak on behalf of the isolationist America First Committee. The famous aviator criticized the groups he perceived were leading America into war for acting against the country's interests. He expressed doubt that the U.S. military would achieve victory in a war against Germany, which he said had "armies stronger than our own." The Des Moines speech was met with outrage in many quarters, and Lindbergh was denounced as an anti-Semite.

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh speaking in Kansas City in 1927

Charles Lindbergh speaking in Kansas City in 1927, on the evening he dedicated Municipal Airfield, now known as Downtown Airport. (Audio courtesy of the Kansas City Museum.)

Author A. Scott Berg Audio Clip

Reeve Lindbergh Audio Clip

Author Reeve Lindbergh talks to Terry Gross, Fresh Air, about her book, Under a Wing:

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