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Anne Morrow Lindbergh Biography Timeline

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Anne Morrow Lindbergh Event
June 22, 1906 Anne Morrow Lindbergh is born in Englewood, New Jersey.
May 1928 She graduates Smith College and receives two literary awards.
May 27, 1929 Anne Morrow marries Charles Lindbergh in a private ceremony at her family home.
August 29, 1929 She learns to fly from her husband & flies solo for the first time.
1930 She becomes the first U.S. woman to get a glider pilot's license.
1931 She is issued her private pilot's license.

- Anne and Charles Lindbergh begin their journey to chart air routes via Canada and Alaska to China and Japan in the Lockheed "Sirius". She would later document their adventure in her first book, North to the Orient.

Summer 1933 Anne and Charles Lindbergh start their 30,000-mile North Atlantic survey flight between North America and Europe in the "Sirius". In Greenland, a young Eskimo boy names the plane the "Tingmissartoq", which means "one who flies like a big bird."
1933 She receives the Cross of Honor of the U.S. Flag Association.
1934 Anne Morrow Lindbergh is awarded the Hubbard Gold Medal by the National Geographic Society for distinction in exploration, research and discovery. She becomes the first woman to receive this honor.
1935 She receives an honorary Masters degree from Smith College.
1935 She visits Minnesota for the first time with Charles.
1939 She receives honorary doctorates from Amherst College and the University of Rochester.
1955 Anne Morrow Lindbergh writes Gift from the Sea, a book about love, marriage, youth and aging, inspired by seashells found on the beach at Sanibel/Captiva Island, Florida. It becomes a national best-seller and her best-known work.
1970 Mrs. Lindbergh receives an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from her alma mater, Smith College.
1979 She is named to the National Aviation Hall of Fame.
1985 She receives an honorary doctorate from Gustavus Adolphus College.
1993 She receives the Aerospace Explorer Award from Women in Aerospace.
1996 She is inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.
1999 She is inducted into the International Women in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame.
February 7, 2001 Anne Morrow Lindbergh dies at her second home in Vermont.

Reprinted with permission from the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Poetry Festival and Lindbergh Foundation.

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